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Veteran Therapeutic and Career Based Diving Initiative 

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Engaging military veterans in the scuba diving profession to develop unique skills and career opportunities, improve quality of life, build camaraderie, and enhance physical and emotional health


Providing exclusive opportunities to Military Veterans interested in perusing the profession of scuba diving by providing education, access, and lifestyle enhancing support

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Action Divers SCUBA Training Program offers Veterans the unique opportunity to experience the therapeutic benefits of scuba diving. Our instructional volunteers work with each student, adapting to the specific needs of each veteran, so they can complete the requirements of the training.

  • Try SCUBA Diving Course. This one day course allows participants an opportunity to learn some basic skills and experience scuba diving in a safe, controlled environment.

  • Open Water SCUBA Diver course. Upon completion of this course, participants are certified to dive, with any certified diver, anytime they desire without the supervision of an instructor.

  • Continuing education allows participants to learn & develop skills, according to their interests. This allows the Veteran to continue to experience the therapeutic benefits of water & diving, while doing something they enjoy. 


Qualified veterans can now utilize their VA GI Bill to pursue further education in scuba to advance themselves into a career as dive professionals!  To become an instructor, veterans will require years of advanced education and personal training. Opening the door to careers in scuba is a life changing opportunity to bring long-term adventure, financial gain, and community to the life of a veteran. Action Divers will provide this career path through engagement in our donation and partnership efforts.  


After leaving military service, many Veterans miss the camaraderie that is experienced while serving. Action Divers Project provides an environment and opportunities to create new bonds with like minded Veterans and volunteers. Scuba diving is a gear intensive buddy sport! From the beginning of training you will learn skills as a team and develop trust with one another. 


After serving in the United States Military, many Veterans seek new ways to serve their community and country. Action Divers Project offers many opportunities to serve again. Action Divers Project volunteers assist with Veteran events, community events, & fundraising events, to help raise community awareness of the therapeutic benefits of scuba diving and raise money which allows us to bring our programs to more Veterans. These projects provide an opportunity for Veterans to learn new skills, build bonds and experience the therapeutic benefits of diving while helping preserve and protect our countries historical and natural resources.


Partnering with diving programs through the local fire departments is a critical goal of Action Divers. Ensuring access to training facilities, equipment, and dive opportunities promotes a healthy and sustainable path for our first responders to engage in the necessary training they need to complete their jobs. Action Divers focuses on preserving those resources and advocating for the continued access to those resources for the first responder community. 


Action Divers wants veterans to experience to the beautiful and exciting world of scuba by traveling the world! Through our organized dive trips, veterans will be given the chance to enjoy structured dive opportunities in some of the most beautiful locations on earth.   

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